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Easy Fruit Turtles

How to Make Fruit Turtles for Kids

cute turtle fruit snacks on table

When it comes to making healthy snacks for the kids, why not also make them super cute?

These tiny adorable fruit turtles are the perfect healthy snack and they are so easy to make!

These are great for midday snacking and can even go right into your child’s school lunchbox!

turtle fruit ingredients on wooden table

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turtle snacks on table


  • If you want to make these in advance, store them in the fridge in an airtight container
turtle fruit snacks on table

Fruit Turtles

COURSE: AppetizerSnack
Servings 6
PREP TIME: 10 minutes
TOTAL TIME: 10 minutes
How to make easy fruit turtles for the cutest snack that is also healthy!


  • Kiwi Slices
  • Grapes
  • Chocolate Sprinkles


  • Toothpicks


  • Take one whole grape and using a tooth pick, stick it into the kiwi to create a head.
  • Cut 2 grapes in half and using tooth picks place them in the kiwi to create turtle legs.
  • Stick two sprinkles into the turtle head to create eyes.
  • Serve & enjoy!
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